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                                          Customer's Comments

“I bent them on and sailed the 12 miles or so to our dock.  They set beautifully and look great.  Had 2 reefs in and should have taken the third, it was blowing hard, so much of NOAA weather forecasts.  Thoroughly glad we put in 3 bands.  The jack line on the jib works well, please do the same for the old jib when you cut it down.  Thanks again for everything!” 


"Sails were made by Gambell and Hunter Sailmakers of Camden Maine. They did a very nice job and everything fit well. I felt more comfortable with a Maine Sail Loft making a gaff rig sail plan."


"Once upon a time you made the sail for the Catspaw dinghy that I was working on.

It was about a year ago.

Today I finally launched it, so I'm writing to say "the sail works great"!

Nice work.

Thanks for your help."


I got the sail and took a look at it--great job!  It looks like you did some really nice work on it.  I can't wait to try it out next season.  Thanks!


“I love them.  Nice brass hardware and leather corners.. very much in the Drascombe style.”


“Received the sails on Wednesday.  Bent them on.  They fit well. Sailed yesterday.  15 Knot breeze, had the rail to the water;  she felt solid and much less tender than she had been, no leach flutter or luffing....

Thanks the sails are great.”


“You made me a set of sails for my newly built Deer Isle Koster. The sails worked out well, and I am very happy. I took the boat to the Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels Maryland at the beginning of the month. I entered the boat in competition and did pretty well. I took first place in my building category and also won the Peoples Choice award. Many people were interested in the sails and the name of your company was jotted down on several slips of paper for future reference I am sure.”


"The sails arrived as promised and I had a chance to try them out briefly last weekend between thunderstorms and whacky winds. They fit perfectly and the quality of your workmanship and materials really shows! The boat seems to be faster and definitely points into the wind much better. "


"I want to thank you for the fine roller furling jib. It worked beautifully and was a joy to douse the jib just before shooting the mooring."


"...the sails look absolutely fabulous and I get lots of "wow" comments. "


"Just a note to say the sails fit perfectly and look terrific."


"...You did such a nice job on my martha jane sails this one will be just as nice I know. That's why you get my business and I send you my friends!!! "


".You Built sails for "EMILY MARSHALL" about four years ago... The sails are great and well used. We took the boat down to the Chesapeake last fall and received lots of compliments. " 


"Just a quick note to thank you again for doing such a supurb job on my sails. The more I use them, the more I love them. The design and craftsmanship are excellent, and reefed in heavy winds or under full sail in light breezes, they move the boat so well. "


"I just want to tell you that the sails I ordered last winter fit excellent. I had a chance to try them on the 21st of August. The battens give great sail shape, and the sails are very well made. I couldn't be more pleased."


"...You will be happy to know that your sails were the highlight with a bunch of folks in the show..." 

"This is just a word of thanks to let you know how happy I am with the spritsail you made for my Delaware Ducker.  You certainly did a fine job, and the sail fits & works beautifully.  I also appreciate the effort you made to get the sail to me promptly."


"The sail fits very well.  Your workmanship is very impressive.  It is a very well made sail and we are looking forward to using it, as well as getting started on another one of our sails."


"Conditions were right to try my new sail this past Saturday, and let me say that I think you did a fine job.  Your sail works better than the "prototype", and even though I forgot to mention it in my specs, you made the sheet grommet large enough to take half inch line."


BEAUTIFUL JOB ON THE BOOM TENT; exactly the way I wanted it. Will put it on this weekend and send you a picture.

"..I will get the information to you in the next couple of days. Your work far exceeded anything that I have ever seen in service and quality. Yes there are good sailmakers that make sails and push the boat, But I like spending my money with people that go the extra mile with details, not only the details in the product, but details to a service friendly working relationship as I found in our last experience."

Gambell and Hunter Sailmakers

16 Limerock Street, Camden Maine. 04843  207-236-3561

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